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Absolute Lambda™

Frequency stabilization: C-WAVE Software module for stabilization on external reference

CW tunable laser C-WAVE

AbsoluteLambda™ is a software module for use with our CW tunable laser C-WAVE and allows precision frequency control of C-WAVE the tunable laser light source using an external reference.

Absolute wavelength control better than 1 nm requires an external reference, e.g. wavemeter or reference spectrum (users's choice).

Software module AbsoluteLambda™ for C-WAVE enables precision and automatic frequency control with accuracy up to 2 MHz*.

Control and fine tuning are achieved using intra-cavity elements and piezo-tuning of the cavity length. A schematic overview of an experimental setup with C-WAVE tunable laser using AbsoluteLambda™ is shown below.AbsoluteLambda_scheme

Using AbsoluteLambda™ gives you the opportunity for an automized selection of wavelength with high accuracy (setpoint +/- 1 MHz) and a drift-free wavelength stabilization (+/- 1 MHz). An exemplary measurement of stabilized wavelength** is shown below and shows high stability over more than 12 hours.


* depends on applied wavemeter

** please contact our sales team for recommendation of suitable wavemeters