HÜBNER Photonics

Lasers, Terahertz & High frequency systems

Two wave sources are perfectly coherent if they have a constant phase difference and the same frequency.’

In a way, this condition sums up everything HÜBNER Photonics stands for. Coherence for us is far more than the perfect interaction of waves. It is the basis of our daily work and the fundament on which we build our business and our relations within our company and with our partners.

We not only make game-changing lasers and light sources, but also rethink all kinds of other wave technologies including terahertz imaging as well as high-frequency emission and radar. The proven corporate values of the HÜBNER Group are brought together with innovative ideas and top-notch technologies for the whole electromagnetic spectrum.

Coherence Matters is in our genes and our spirit – all day, every day.

HÜBNER Photonics - applications

We expand the capabilities of your application – both in research as well as industry.

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Did you miss us at Photonics West 2020? See our overview of HÜBNER Photonics:  We always delivering high performance Cobolt lasers, cw tunable lasers C-WAVE, laser combiners C-FLEX! Also with lots new products, such as; 12 new waveleghts for Cobolt 06-01 serie, We launched our new 785 nm narrow line diode laser with enhanced spectral purity (ESP), to make our offering of lasers for Raman one of the most complete on the market. The 08-NLD 785 nm ESP has <60 dB @ <0.5 nm from the laser peak, and is perfect for low frequency Raman spectroscopy.