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Cobolt announces more wavelengths: 633 nm & 785 nm lasers for Raman

Cobolt AB, a part of HÜBNER Photonics, continues to address the Raman spectroscopy market with the addition of 633 nm & 785 nm STM on the 08-01 Series, with the aim to secure the market position as a major supplier of all laser wavelengths to the high resolution Raman market. The Cobolt 08-NLD 633 nm […]

HÜBNER Photonics opens a direct office in the UK

HÜBNER Photonics, a division of the HÜBNER Group, is pleased to announce the opening of a new direct office in the UK. As from November 19th 2018, all UK business will be conducted from the Southampton office, headed by experienced laser and optics specialist, Fiona Evans. Fiona is excited by “a fantastic opportunity to grow […]

HÜBNER Photonics Announces New Security Solution for Postal Inspections

The T-SENSE imager uses high-frequency technology to quickly and simply detect concealed objects and hazardous substances. Kassel, Germany – November 12, 2018 – The recent series of mail bombs sent to former President Barack Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton and others have put a spotlight on the security of mailing and delivery services. […]

EuroPHOTONICS: Tunable Laser Light Sources Advance Nanophotonics Research

Read our recent article on Tunable Laser Light Sources Advance Nanophotonics Research A considerable part of contemporary photonics research that investigates the interaction of light with nanoscale objects — nanophotonics — is motivated by the commercial potential of real-world devices. A vast number of experimental studies call for high-quality, continuous-wave (CW) laser light that is tunable throughout […]

Novus Light: Choosing Lasers for Holographic Applications

See our article in Novus Light on Choosing Lasers for Holographic Applications. Tunable CW single frequency, laser sources based on frequency converted OPO technology have more recently become an available option with long coherence length suitable for writing holograms and HOEs. The unique design means that any wavelength in the range 450 nm – 650 nm (however, […]

A new Head of HÜBNER Photonics

The management of HÜBNER Group are very pleased to announce that Dr. Håkan Karlsson has been appointed as Head of HÜBNER Photonics as of 1st September 2018. In this new role, Dr Karlsson will lead all the HÜBNER Group’s laser activities worldwide. In 2001 Håkan co-foundered the well-known laser company, Cobolt AB based in Stockholm, […]

One step closer to 5G cellular networks

A new milestone has been set, at the end of September as a part of the EU Horizon 2020 project called TWEETHER, with the deployment of the World-First Point-To-Multipoint Radio Backhaul, operating in the frequency range 92 GHz to 95 GHz. As a key partner in the project, HF Systems Engineering GmbH & Co. KG, […]

Important performance parameters when considering lasers for holographic applications

Do not miss our paper on Important performance parameters when considering lasers for holographic applications. The recent surge in interest in holographic techniques and holographic optical elements (HOEs) related to virtual reality and augmented reality applications has resulted in increased requests for new laser technologies capable of delivering new wavelengths, higher output powers and in some cases […]

Made Easy: CW Laser Light Widely Tunable Across the Visible (apps note)

Read our application note on how OPO technology sets new standards in wavelength coverage of commercial systems. Apps note: Made Easy: CW Laser Light Widely Tunable Across the Visible A remarkable number of photonic applications call for continuous-wave (cw) laser light that is widely tunable throughout the visible range of the spectrum. However, this spectral […]

Cobolt introduces a new wavelength for holography: Cobolt Bolero™ 640 nm, 500 mW!

Cobolt AB, a part of HÜBNER Photonics, proudly highlights the addition of a new wavelength of 640 nm to the Cobolt 05-01 Series of single frequency lasers. With up to 500 mW and a linewidth of <1 MHz, the Cobolt Bolero™ is ideal for holographic and advanced interferometric applications. The Cobolt Bolero™ complements Cobolt’s current […]