HÜBNER Photonics and Cobolt’s production capacity is intact

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Dear Customers and Friends

The current situation of Covid-19 spreading over the western world is very concerning and brings a lot of uncertainties. Swedish authorities are so far maintaining most public operations, but urging the population to contribute to slowing the spreading of the virus by strictly avoiding social contact if having symptoms, by avoiding travel and larger social gatherings and by isolating groups at risk.
So, our society is open but very slow as people are diligently following recommended behavior.

HÜBNER Photonics and Cobolt are strictly following the directives from each of our departments of public health. This means that we are in full operation, but restricting business work to each country’s rules. We believe it’s important to, while securing our staff’s best health, do our best to help keep the economy rolling and to be able to serve you, our customers, as best we can.
Thanks to good stock and supply chain management we are able to run our operation with normal capacity and our logistics solutions are fully functional.

So, we are pleased to inform you that HÜBNER Photonics and Cobolt’s production capacity is intact and our standard lead times for products currently apply! Beyond that, we have also pre-produced some C-WAVEs so that we can react to further orders at short notice.

Cobolt production intact
HÜBNER Production is on full speed

We wish you all good health and finally we want to inform you that we are available for you, even in these difficult times.

Stay healthy
from the HÜBNER Photonics Team !

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