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HÜBNER Photonics offers 2 types of tunable lasers:

  • C-WAVE: CW tunable VIS (450 – 650 nm, > 200 mW) & NIR (900 – 1300 nm, > 400 mW)
  • Coming soon: C-WAVE GTR, CW tunable light Green-to-Red, 500 nm – 740 nm, > 200 mW
  • Cobolt Odin™ : Mid-IR tunable, >7 kHz, wavelength selectable 3 – 5 µm, tunable up to 50 nm


The tunable laser light source

C-WAVE is the tunable laser light source for continuous-wave (cw) emission in the visible and near-infrared wavelength range. Its technology is based on optical parametric oscillation (OPO) and it is fully computer controlled. Thus, it allows you to tune from blue to red and into the near-infrared without any change of dyes or optical components. This makes C-WAVE a flexible and user friendly laser for your applications.

Change the way you work

Visible, widely tunable, continuous-wave – for a long time this was equivalent to the handling of toxic dyes, to changing laser media or resonator mirrors or the restriction to narrow tuning ranges. C-WAVE is a solid state system
that has no consumable components such as dyes. The wavelength can be simply set at the computer. C-WAVE tunes itself automatically and guarantees superior beam quality as well as output stability across the whole tuning range – offering both high flexibility and precision at the same time. It offers you single frequency operation, narrow spectral linewidth and options for frequency stabilization combined with an unprecedented spectral coverage. Focus on your research, not on laser handling: C-WAVE helps you free your mind for your main tasks.

Two-step light conversion into the visible spectrum
Frequency conversion scheme of the C-WAVE
Measured beam profile and intensity cross sections

C-WAVE – tailored to your needs

Depending on the required output power level, C-WAVE is either pumped by an external single-frequency laser or comes with an integrated laser, making operation and application even easier for you.

Using software module AbsoluteLambda™ for C-WAVE enables precision and automatic frequency control with accuracy up to 2 MHz*.


Technical data

Resonator configuration: OPO with intra-cavity SHG
Spectral coverage*: 450-650 nm, 900-1300 nm
Wavelength selection: Computer-­controlled
Output Power: HP > 500 mW VIS (@470 nm), > 1 W IR (@940 nm)
LP >  200 mW VIS (@470 nm), > 400 mW IR (@970 nm)
Output mode: TEM00, single-frequency
Beam polarization: Linear, > 1000:1
Spectral linewidth (short-­term): 1 MHz
Frequency stabilization: Possible, with external reference
Computer interface: USB
Power supply: 110 V / 230 V
Pump laser requirements: 532 nm, TEM00, single-frequency

* Other wavelength ranges upon request.

Length 575 mm
Width: 410 mm
Height: 155 mm
Pump laser options:
a) External pump laser (5 W)
b) Integrated pump laser (1.5 W)