Terahertz imager for material inspection

Your products deserve maximum efficiency. HÜBNER, in close cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institute for High frequency physics and radar technology, has developed a new innovative measuring system: The HÜBNER Terahertz-imager T-SENSE FMI.

This highly efficient technology is based on the most recent research results. Production can be monitored and controlled at various levels. T-SENSE FMI uses millimeter waves in the lower terahertz range with no health risks involved. This means that the equipment can be used anywhere and for several purposes without the need for radiation protection.

T-SENSE can visualize process-related properties that are normally remain hidden to your eyes.

Possible applications:

– Impurities visible through packaging

– Monitoring of a fill-level

– Monitoring of the bonding process

– Monitoring of the drying process

– Detecting shrinkage or cavities in non-metallic materials

– and more


The stand-alone system, T-SENSE, is ready for use straight after set-up and start. Only a main connection is necessary. Simple and intuitive application software provides the device to be used with easy instruction.

Individually adaptable

The innovative measuring system can be specifically adapted to your production. We will be pleased to develop a tailor-made solution for your measuring requirements, including an individually adapted software solution for your specific needs. Your aim is our aim: a zero-defect production.

Technical data

Dimensions and weight:
Height 43 cm
Width footprint 58 cm
Depth footprint 45 cm
Depth incl. Bands 110 cm
Weight 30 kg
Maximum dimensions of scanned object:
Width 275 mm
Height (individually adaptable) 30 mm
Electricity supply and surroundings:
Voltage 100 – 230 VAC
Frequency 50 – 60 Hz
Ideal operating temperature 10 – 45 °C
Power consumption < 200 Watt