Terahertz spectrometer

The Terahertz-spectrometer T-COGNITION ® is an extremely effective security technology. It is based on the most up-to-date research results. With reliability and precision, T-COGNITION ® identifies hidden drugs and explosives in letters and small packages.

It is a fact that persons responsible for the security of public institutions and for the protection of prominent people are highly exposed to danger. T-COGNITION ® identifies threats with precision and dependability without the necessity of handling or opening the item in question. Within seconds, T-COGNITION ® identifies the spectroscopic fingerprint of the hazardous substance or material by comparing the data with its own database. This system enhances work safety in prisons, at custom controls, at authorities, in companies and embassies, to name but a few.

Safety for health and work

There is no need for precautionary measures to be taken by persons working in the supervised area. The THz waves employed by T-COGNITION ® have low energy levels and are, in contrast to x-rays, not ionizing.


The T-COGNITION ® can be used immediately after startup. Thanks to the easy-to-understand and intuitive operation, the user can be instructed easily and quickly. It is not necessary to hold long staff seminars for this purpose. The output log can be varied for individual customer requirements.

Individually adaptable

T-COGNITION ® can be „trained“ to recognize a great variety of dangerous substances. This means that it can also be useful for identifying substances in medication.

Optimized for investigation purposes

An item can be checked without opening it. This enables it to be forwarded on for police investigation purposes.

Mobile and flexible

Thanks to its small size and its light weight, T-COGNITION ® is easy to transport and can be used as and where needed. The device is modular in its construction and can therefore be adapted to specific customer requirements.

Technical data

Dimensions and weight:
Height 60 cm
Width 72 cm
Depth 73 cm
Weight 87 kg
Maximum dimensions of scanned object:
Size DIN C4
Height 40 mm
Electricity supply and surroundings:
Voltage 100 – 230 VAC
Frequency 50 – 60 Hz
Ideal operating temperature 16 – 32 °C
Power draw < 200 Watt