Terahertz spectrometer

T-SPECTRALYZER F is a plug & play thz-spectrometer that facilitates non-destructive and contact-free analysis of your samples.

Individual measurement modules and an intuitive user interface support the recording, processing and exporting of your measurement results. T-SPECTRALYZER F is a high-performance thz-spectrometer offering the frequency range 0.1 – 2.5 thz and a dynamic range of up to 54 dB*.

Short measurement times of 0.05s allow the monitoring of processes or spatial mapping of your samples. The operation is user-friendly – no time consuming training is required. The standardized hardware and software interfaces help you to integrate the spectrometer into your existing network and process flow. No safety precautions are necessary as terahertz waves are completely safe.

Possible applications:

The T-SPECTRALYZER F opens up new dimensions in many
fields of measurement applications, for example:

– Determining the layer thicknesses of multi-layer systems

– Identification of substances even through plastic pipes and
tubes or other packaging

– Analysis of chemicals in powder and tablet form

– Analysis of liquids and gases

– Characterization of doped semiconductor materials

– Investigation of moisture distributions

– Determination of the filling level of polymers

– Distinguishing various isomers

– Distinguishing crystalline and amorphous structures

Technical data

System specifications*

Frequency range: 0.1 THz up to 2.5 THz
(33 cm -1 up to 133 cm -1 )
Dynamic range: > 54 dB at 0.5 THz (16.7 cm -1 )

Frequency resolution:

Standard: 10 GHz (Meas. range 100 ps)
Maximum: 5 GHz (Meas. range 200 ps)

Measurement time:
Standard: 5 s (100 ps at 20 ps/s)
Minimum: 0.05 s (100 ps at 2,000 ps/s)

Sample scan range/beam diameter:
Standard: 200 x 200 mm 2
(~ 0.2 mm accuracy)
Beam diameter: ~ 1.5 mm
  *All shown data measured with fiber-coupled transmitter and
detector modules, 5 m fiber each, with two collimating and two focusing
TPX lenses (four lenses overall), without any sample at 5 s of measurement
time, 100 ps of measurement range, 10 GHz of frequency resolution,
a temperature of 22 °C, relative humidity of 27 %.
Dimensions and weight:
19″ rack
W x H x D 43 x 27 x 46 cm 3
Weight 30 kg
Terahertz transmitter/ detector module (each)
W x H x D 5 x 5 x 10 cm 3
Weight 0,5 kg
Surroundings and electrical supply
Operation temperature 16 – 32°C (60 – 90°F)
Operating voltage 115 – 230 VAC
Frequency 50 – 60 Hz
Power consumption < 200 Watt