Terahertz spectrometer

The HÜBNER Terahertz-spectrometer opens up new dimensions in many fields of measurement applications. The mobile T-SPECTRALYZER ® was designed for quick set-up and for routine measurements in everyday analysis tasks. Only a mains connection is required to make the system ready to use without further infrastructure.

Due to latest technology, the terahertz spectrometer does not require any additional cooling or external gas supply. This ensures a cost-effective operation.

Individual expansion modules and an intuitive user interface support recording, processing and exporting your measurement results. Thanks to the touchscreen based user-friendly operation no time-consuming and costly training is required. As terahertz waves are completely safe no expensive safety precautions are necessary.

Within a few seconds the non-destructive and contact-free analysis of your samples is done. Full automation of your measurement process allows for extensive data sets to be taken without high personnel costs. Its standardized hardware and software interfaces seamlessly integrate the spectrometer into your existing network and process flow.

Possible applications:

– Identification of substances even through plastic pipes and tubes and other packaging

– Analysis of chemicals in powder and tablet form

– Analysis of liquids and gases

– Characterization of doped semiconductor materials

– Investigation of moisture distributions

– Determination of the filling level of polymers

– Distinguishing various isomers

– Distinguishing crystalline and amorphous structures

– Determining the layer thicknesses of multi-layer systems

– Identifying flaws and cavities in non-electrically conductive components


– Intuitive use

– JCAMP compatible data format

– Compatible with The Unscrambler ®

– Customized solutions available upon request





– USB 3.0

Technical data

System specifications:
Frequency range: 0.1 THz up to 4.0 THz
(3.3 cm -1 up to 133 cm -1 )
Dynamic range: > 70 dB at 0.5 THz
(16.7 cm -1 )

Frequency resolution:
Standard: 20 GHz (Meas. range 50 ps)
Maximum: 5 GHz (Meas. range 200 ps)

Measurement time:
Standard: 8 s (50 ps at 6.25 ps/s)
Minimum: 2 s (20 ps at 10 ps/s)

Sample scan range/beam diameter:
Standard: 200 x 200 mm 2
(~ 0.2 mm accuracy)
Beam diameter: ~ 1.5 mm


Dimensions and weight:
Height: 60 cm
Width footprint: 72 cm
Depth footprint: 73 cm
Weight: 87 kg
Electricity supply and surroundings:
Voltage: 100 – 230 VA
Frequency: 50 – 60 Hz
Ideal operating temprature: 10 – 45 °C